Whats this?

I wanted this page to really support who I am, what I believe, my dreams, and how I want to reach people. The name was created by combining two different words together. Both words encompass my goal here.

By definition Rustic means: “of or relating to the countryside; rural; constructed or made in a plain and simple fashion; having a simplicity and charm”.
This definition alone really sums up who I am. Those who know me personally would definitely say I am simple, laid back, country, sweet. Therefore using this word as part of the name was a no-brainer. Plus, when I think of this word I think of the country side, sitting in a lawn chair drinking sweet tea with no care in the world.

The second half of the name is, Allure. By definition Allure means: “the quality of being powerfully and mysteriously attractive or fascinating”.
I choose this word because there is just something about someone who is confident within themselves and know what they believe and stand for that just shines. I want to help others find that confidence and self-asurance. It also ties into how I want to help others with their outer beauty through Mary Kay and their fitness goals because when you feel good and like what you see on the outside you feel good on the inside. This small yet significant connection can impact so many areas of ones life and make such a huge difference that I want to help others achieve that so that then in turn they can achieve all of their goals and aspirations in life. Because The Sky is the Limit here at RusticAllure.